The Center for Agriculture and Climate Change was supported by the United Nations Information Center Lagos, in hosting the first ever Preparatory Conference of Parties (Pre-COP 24) Dialogue in Lagos, Nigeria’s and West African largest economic center. This was ahead of the UN Conference of Parties at Katowice Poland in December 2018.

Nigeria has big ambition implementing her planned programmes and actions within the climate change and sustainable development goals implementation agenda. How much of her NDCs have been achieved ahead of delivery and reporting time frames – 2020, 2025 and 2030. It was also critical to understand how Nigeria’s private sector (with hub in Lagos) and the rest of subnational entities plug into the global goal for low-carbon economic pathway.  It also sought to educate people on opportunities and technologies that chart the future for Climate finance access, the Carbon Markets as well as agro-ecological and forest governance in Nigeria.

This event held at the United Nations Information Center, Ikoyi Lagos on November 14, 2018. The Dialogue theme was: NDCs Implementation by Nations: Nigeria’s Progress.

The objectives of the Pre-COP were (1) to increase awareness among Nigerians especially the private sector, civil society and the rest of subnational (state and local government) entities) on the implementation score cards of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) since Nigeria’s initialization of the Paris Accord and submission of Nigeria’s NDCs to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

(2) It was also meant to inform these critical stakeholders and other development community actors, on Nigeria’s implementation of the NDCs in lieu of the Paris Agreement as well as other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) attainment milestones in Nigeria.

(3) It is meant to get policy and other stakeholders in COP negotiations to interact on the state of NDCs and SDGs in Nigeria and use appropriate stock takes into the COP24 participation.

It was therefore used to get participants become more aware and abreast of Nigeria’s negotiation involvements and issues at COP negotiations across national and regional interests. It was also meant to educate them on Nigeria’s strength, preparations participation at the COP 24.

The sub-themes for presentations were (1) Nigeria’s NDCs Implementation and COP24 Expectations and (2) Nigeria’s NDC Implementation Progress and COP24 Expectations: An X-ray. A Panel of Expert discussed Nigeria’s NDCs Performance and the future of Climate Finance and Carbon Markets in Nigeria discussed the issues, processes and expectations of Nigeria’s Participation at COP 24. It was moderated by Innocent Azih, President/CE of the Center.