This project is the design and implementation of education and awareness among rural, peri-urban and urban communities on agroforestry and planting of economic trees within and around their forest and agricultural land areas. It is meant to grow agriculturally economic trees in local communities to serve as economic agroforestry development.

Aims and Objectives

The project aims to build the capacity of young people including farmers and community dwellers on investments in economic trees and agroforestry within their locations. 

It will target education of students and the practical establishment of integrated fruit and agroforestry activities for improved food security and income generation for beneficiary communities while educating them on environmental uses. 

Goals/ Initiatives

The project also aims to enhance rural livelihood needs particularly in respect as income generation, unsustainable and indiscriminate fuelwood and timber harvests, fruit, fodder and other non-timber forest products in their localities.  It will enable a reduction in forest degradation and forest losses and related environmental degradation in Nigeria using fruit tree growing and agro-forestry systems. It is also expected to achieve employment, household food security and income generation for the youth and community as well as biodiversity conservation in the project areas. In addition it will enable the attainment of Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contributions in Climate Change objectives of the Paris Agreement and the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs 1, 2, 11 and 13.

Target Beneficiaries

This project is working with youths and women, including the education of students in secondary schools.