Who we are

The Center for Agriculture and Climate Change is a knowledge and advocacy non-profit organization for the promotion of agricultural development and climate resilience by empowering economic groups and stakeholders for green economic growth development.


As a frontline advocate and platform for the application of a knowledge nexus between agriculture and climate adaptation and mitigation to achieve resilience and green economy development in Africa


1. Promote Agricultural Productivity, Resilience and Climate Impact Management
2. Conduct Research to inform policy action and investments in agriculture, Climate Adaptation and mitigation
3. Support and provide capacity for stakeholders in agriculture and green economy development among rural-urban actors
4. Raise awareness on scientific and investment undertones from climate change
What We Do – Purposes and Activities
a) Improving knowledge and practice in agricultural policy and programmes and climate change through research for development.
b) Share information; educate and encourage stakeholders on issues relating to agricultural production and value chain as well as food and nutrition security
c) Improve knowledge and practice in climate change remediation through carbon emission reduction measures including adaptation and mitigation programmes/projects
d) Create advocacy and capacity engagements for stakeholders on related issues nationally, regionally and globally.
The activities of the Center shall be held and maintained in the spirit of these purposes.


  • Advocacy
  • Resarch
  • Capacity building