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Yes. The Center helps to quantify and verify the emission reduction of low carbon projects for their carbon credit tokens to generate offset tokens on them. It also conducts carbon audit for projects, companies and organizations.

Yes the Center helps project developers to conduct carbon emission baselines prior to the execution of such low-carbon projects. This is to enable real time emission quantification and generation of offset credits on them.

The company supports companies, organizations and governments to conduct applied and policy research in adaptation, mitigation and sustainability issues


Donate to scale low carbon and sustainable projects in Africa.

Contact us on info@caccng.org

Carbon and Commodity Exchange
knowledge and advocacy

Green economic growth and development

Low carbon farm mechanization
Use of Hand tiller machinery in mechanized land operations in Africa
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You can participate in the activities of the Center today. If you have a project with agricultural productivity, low carbon and carbon market potential, The Center can partner with the project to value. To receive our newsletters contact   info@caccng.org or caccng@caccng.org